Welcome to the Stretch collection

Student artwork of an eye, taken from Quilt made by student

What's 'stretchy' about these artworks and videos? Well, we've taken the idea of New Media art and pulled it and prodded it and stretched it out. We wanted everyone to be able to experience online art so we got creative and added captions, audio descriptions, and some other things to make this new media collection innovative, distinct and uniquely accessible.

Want to stretch your own new media art? We have the tools for you! Use this site to learn about ways you can make your work more multi-sensory and available to a much bigger audience.

Have a work you want to share with the world? Upload it to our Stretch collection! Share it with a world of other artists, students and designers to find ways of not just adding accessibility to your work, but also adding new dimensions of creativity and new layers of expression.

Get stretching!

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